Terry Lee
The Everglades Artist
Everglades Art Online by Artist Terry Lee and painted on location in Royal Palm Hammock, Florida

About Everglades Art

Terry Lee is a self-taught artist. Born in 1959 in Dayton, Ohio, Terry took to art as soon as he was able to hold a pencil. Throughout his childhood, he developed an appreciation for his majestic surroundings. He would often sit on a road in West Virginia for hours with a pad, or sit in a meadow with watercolor and canvas. Years of artistic expression made it clear that Terry's life would be centered upon his passion for art. In High School he discovered commercial art, Terry studied under Curtis Barnes attending Sinclair Collage Art School where he furthered his commercial advertising and design skills taking Interior Design and Fashion Design also.

Terry is now a professional artist full-time. He started painting "The Everglades" while living in Royal Palm Hammock, Florida.

The everglades is so vast and it is always changing. Always something new! Everglades art to me is like what Ansel Adams must have felt when seeing his photos come to life. From exploring the Florida Everglades for several years I sit at a blank canvas and imagine a scene from a day when I was inspired to really pay attention to the detail in the life of the trees, flowers or plants. Or even more bringing the birds, various turtles, alligators and many other animals to life in a painting. Water is the living connection to everything. I am now in one of the largest flowing rivers on the planet. The everglades flows all around Royal Palm Hammock. Now I bring you "Living Waters of Life". Brought to you on canvas done in acrylic! Let the colors flow!
                                                                                                             Terry Lee
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